Make better decisions.

Intrava makes your real estate data more valuable by merging and cleaning data from all of your existing systems and presenting it to you in a user-friendly way

Bringing it all together

Connect the dots

Intrava integrates with any of your systems – standard or proprietary

One source of truth

Your data is automatically consolidated, cleaned, and standardized into a centralized database

Discover opportunity

Information is served back to you via dashboards tailored to your business


Merging data from multiple systems is necessary to create an accurate and comprehensive picture of business performance.

Our platform is an overlay that merges and purges data to create unified reporting from disparate data sources. Intrava works with any of your existing systems standard or proprietary. Data is aggregated, cleaned, and presented in an easy to use interface, quickly creating trusted, and custom reports.

BI used to be complicated

The standard way of implementing a business intelligence platform is complex, can take years, and fails more than it succeeds. We are changing the narrative for real estate companies.

Intrava adds

  • Data unification
  • Data Cleaning
  • Easy custom reports
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Perspective

Intrava eliminates

  • Excel chaos
  • BI developers
  • Expensive software fees
  • Servers/cloud license
  • Manual reporting
  • Consultants


  • I have found that Intrava's solution has been perfect for me. Together we deployed a solution quickly, it only took about 2-3 weeks to see results, enabling my colleagues and I to start working as a team on the information and create one source of truth for our business.

    George Trevino - CFO

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Unlock hidden opportunities within your data.

Businesses use on average 16 software systems for daily activities. These systems together hold the key to your ultimate success. We help you find it.

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